About Kieta

Kieta Mpolo Iriarte-Amin is a mother and multi-hyphenated non-profit professional whose legacy is rooted in standing shoulder to shoulder with her Baltimore community and especially its women, tooled with her B.A. in Mass Communication + Communication Studies and an M.A. in Nonprofit Management + Women’s Studies both from Towson University she founded, co-founded and executive directs two empathy-driven organizations where at both she champions passionately for her clients whether they’re in elementary school or the boardroom to be better equipped in matters pertaining to self-care, entre & solo preneurship, grant funding and family.

The sum of her personal and professional focus makes Kieta a mother of five to Laila, Rania, KJ, Mpolo Business Solutions & Bmore Empowered; two of those babies are her businesses. Kieta is a powerhouse of advocacy for accurate grant monitoring, reporting, fiscal responsibility and improving the overall climate of businesses any and everywhere from ideation to longstanding. Her voice has allowed her to serve the greater Baltimore community in the management of well over thirty-million dollars in restricted and unrestricted funds throughout her illustrious career.


As a co-founder of Bmore Empowered in West Baltimore where she is affectionately called Mama Kieta she dedicates her time to improving the lives of young women and girls of color through mindfulness and entrepreneurship centered programming that she says encompasses “Black Girl Brilliance”. 

In establishing Mpolo Business Solutions Minority and Women-Owned Businesses especially look to Kieta as a source of wisdom and for their internal infrastructure as she is backed by the Mayor’s Office of Minority and Women-Owned Business Development; Baltimore’s primary advocate for small, local, minority, and women-owned companies – Amin also holds a certificate in Nonprofit Management from Georgetown University a program designed to strengthen the leadership and management capacity of individuals working in or with nonprofit organizations. 


Kieta says, “I support women to be stronger so that we can be stronger for our families but it ain’t easy”, she’ll playfully tell any of her current or future clients should they dare to better themselves and their organizations by grabbing time on her calendar.


Kieta’s professional qualifications are top-notch but her spirit, soft approach, commitment to faith, connections in Baltimore, knack for empowerment and lifting others up has pushed her out of her comfort zone, into the limelight + hearts and minds of those she continues to touch as she ventures into strengthening business owners knowledge base on a wide array of topics, speaking out on the inequities that especially Black Women face in the nonprofit sector, and having tough conversations with large foundations, clients, her children and of course her husband of many years Karim.