Shena “Sam” Smith

Artist, Creative Director and Educator  Shena “Sam” Smith is a wife, mother and a creative at heart with an immense passion for empowering the local and global community.  Her titles include Creative Consultant, Style Expert, Educator, Coach and Visionary.

As a youth, the Art classroom was a refuge from bullying and unwanted attention from her peers.  Here she learned to find her peace through creativity.  After securing a BS in Public Health and a Masters in Business Administration, Sam’s flame for creativity was reignited through the development of the New Vintage by Sam brand.  This platform served as a safe space for Sam to express and empower herself and others using various elements of Art.

Sam takes pride in building a culture of confident believers and creators through various mediums.  She is a founding member of The WELL (Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Lab), an Art and Fashion Educator within various Baltimore city programs and currently serves as the Creative Director for The Be .Org, Social Media and Program Manager for MPolo Business Solutions and a volunteer to various nonprofit organizations and social causes.